Your Account is used to provide you with an income when you retire. The size of the pension you will receive will depend to a large extent on how your investments perform over the years.

More information

The Scheme website gives details of all the investment options available to you, investment charges and support to help you select a strategy that is right for you.

Current information about each of the funds, including their objectives and recent past performance, is given in the fund factsheets.

Making your investment decision

If you complete an Application Form to join the Scheme, this will set out where your contributions will be invested when you first join the Scheme.

If you are automatically enrolled into the Scheme or if you opt in to Automatic Enrolment, and therefore do not complete an Application Form, your contributions will be invested in the Default Lifestyle Fund.

It is encouraged that members make an active decision about where to invest their contributions.

Monitoring your investments

You can login to your Account to check online to see how your investments are performing, where you are invested and to make any changes to your investment options.

It is important that you invest in a way that suits your circumstances and attitude to investment risk and so you should review your investment strategy regularly. You can make changes at any time, from the Scheme website.